Our services

Our company provides only modern and high-quality packaging material, thus prolonging the life of moving goods things. We supply special boxes for fragile items and soft containers for your clothes, Pikolinos shoes and small wares.

Performing apartment, cottage or VIP move, our company focuses on assembly - disassembly of furniture. Our movers will disassemble and assemble your furniture professionally, transport it to destination place safely and set your home decor items in accordance with your requirements.

You need to carry a piano or grand piano? Our loaders will move this musical instrument even if you live on the top floor and the elevator does not work.

Office, bank and shop moving are complex processes that need to be organized properly. It is not a secret for entrepreneurs that relocation of shops and offices is a grand event, which organization takes a lot of precious time and efforts. Do not burden yourself with worries, because we understand that efficiency is an important aspect during all works. Our company will track the safety and security of moving property during long distance move.

In addition, our company is engaged in transportation of safes, ATMs and archives - we have the necessary tools, instruments and special vehicles to perform this type of works.

If you are interested in short-distance move across Alberta province apply to our local colleagues Easy-move.ca - one of the leading Calgary movers companies. They are able to move your belongings to the new destination fast, safely and stress-free!