Action Movers in Vancouver

Action Movers Inc
273 E 1st Ave Vancouver
BC V5T 1A7 Canada +1 (604) 694-7777
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  • Description:
    Vancouver Action Movers is the most reliale and experienced moving company that will relocate your office, house or apartment within the province. Long distance moves are also possible. Contact trusted Action movers - a leading moving company in Vancouver to solve your moving problems.

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  • Reviews:
    "I have never thought that relocation could be that easy. I have experienced relocations several times in my life and it was a real nightmare. Things have changed with Action movers. I turned to them when I had to move from Vancouver to Richmond. Action movers were very productive when dismantling furniture and packing all The things. My relocation was completed very quickly. The prices on services were reaasonable, everything was accomplished in time." Albert F.