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Long distances move is always a big problem and headache. When you move you need to relocate your furniture and appliances to another city. Sometimes you need to move the whole office: computers, safes and documents. If your business is associated with goods transportation you probably have already know that long-distance moves are associated with a number of difficulties.

It is much better to entrust moving issues to competent professionals, as we have special automotive equipment (for example, winches), designed to deliver your belongings safely to your destination place, even if you are moving from Vancouver to Moscow. You can call a specialist who will assess the scope of works, choose the best way of transportation and the most convenient relocation schedule for you.

Moving with us is very mobile means of cargo transportation. Our trucks do not depend on the rails or bad weather. They drive the roads within the whole country controlled by professional truckers. Now the choice of vehicles to order is large enough. The price of transportation may vary depending on the selected truck. If you opted moving by road, then our correct logistics can reduce moving time.

Modern business implies severe competitive conditions and, therefore, should be implemented with minimal production costs and high level of safety, especially if it is closely associated with freight and passenger transportation by road. Truck monitoring service provides our customers with such an opportunity. Thanks to it, we are able to:

  • control the route of the vehicle online
  • monitor compliance with agreed terms
  • monitor the fuel consumption
  • monitor and adjust the route of vehicles, reducing its length and giving appropriate advices to drivers
  • inform drivers about traffic jams and bad weather conditions
  • report our clients about cargo location and exact day and time of property delivery

If you have decided to change your life and move to Vancouver, you may be interested in professional services of one of our trusted partners - Jessi Johnson second mortgage specialist from Vancouver. Choose the best option for you and become a lucky owner of your own private house.

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